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Habboon Emulator Database by Sledmore - 6,921 downloads

Database SQL for Habboon Emulator

Arcturus Emulator Database by Wesley - 3,447 downloads

This is the database required to run Arcturus Emulator 1.0.0

All Habbo Clothes by Jonteh/Sulake - 2,058 downloads

All habbo clothes, dumped on the first of december 2016.

HabBit - Automatic Habbo.swf Cracker by Arachis - 1,254 downloads

This application automatically cracks Habbo.swf files, add alternative RSA keys and dump outgoing/incoming header ids and data. (More info), (Updates)

Plus Emu Badge Definitions by Sledmore - 1,660 downloads

This contains up to date badge definitions for Plus Emu.

Figure Examiner by Jonteh - 1,568 downloads

A simple tool to compare a current and new Figuremap XML file in order to add missing clothes/hair etc quickly. (More info), (Screenshot)

Comet Database by Leon - 1,341 downloads

Comet Emulator database file.

BurakSwfCracker + BurakLogger 2.0 by BurakDev - 700 downloads

BurakLogger is a packetlogger made from scratch working on the latest Habbo release. BurakSwfCracker is a automatic Habbo official SWF cracker.